3 Day Event

A few pics from a 6 hour GF 12 player event…

Narrative: Havocs and Wolves were fighting when Dark Brothers show up with mysterious intentions… Inquisitors on both the Wolf and Dark sides insist they are doing the Emperor’s will

One battle ended with only 2 Destroyers left on the table… everything else died

The next ended in Dark Angels slowing edging out the SW on points and the last was all rooftops becoming ambush points for assault bros and havocs… kinda fun once they picked up on the utility of that tactic


Nice gaming mat

What’s the trick here that you’re referring to?

More pics… you can see the Inquisitor Drake is surrounded by his werewolve escorts after their battle tank was destroyed by a fussion support bike and Inquisitor Eisenhorne is near the objective in the top left (VP were earned via cards and getting Inquisitors within 3" of an objective)

Trick of putting ambushing or just moving Assault Bros and Havoc Talons on rooftops so that they can charge from above down onto units on the “ground”

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