Adaptations of mordheim and necromunda


I wanted to know if you planned to make games inspired by mordheim and necromunda? With an equipment and advancement system.



There is the Gangs of Hive City for Grimdark Future Firefight. It doesn’t have the same advancement but there is the Campaign System that covers most of it.

The Campaign Rules for GFF and AoFS feature everything you’d get from a typical Necromunda or Mordheim Campaign, so you should definitely check them out!

For Necromunda models you can use the Gangs of Hive City list, whereas for Mordheim models you can use the Humans, Ratmen, Undead, etc.

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@onepageanon I haven’t played Mordheim in forever, but one thing that I feel is lacking from the GFF campaign rules to “simulate Necromunda” is some kind of territory system. I really like the basic premise of the Domination campaign type for the latest edition of Necromunda where basically the campaign is divided into two halves.

The first half you spend fighting over randomly-generated territories which provide some kind of benefit to your gang if you win them (extra creds, special mid-game bonuses, etc).

The second half you spend fighting over the territory that has been generated (usually with the lowest-ranked player getting to pick their targets first).

Just something to consider if you decide to revisit the campaign rules to add Advanced or Optional stuff in the future.

Thank you all for your responses :slight_smile: