Age of Fantasy: Regiments in full rulebook

Hello all, first topic on this forum. I have downloaded the full rulebooks as a tier 1 patron and was wondering if there are any plans to fold the Age of Fantasy: Regiments rules into the full rulebook (Disclaimer: I didn’t read through the entire rulebook yet, so maybe I missed something). I am planning to use Peter’ Dennis’s awesome paperboys paper soldiers for my battles and they would fit a regimented wargame better than an Age of Sigmar like wargame.

I will combine the full rulebook with the free AoF:Regiments rules myself, but am still wondering if the regiments rules will get the same full rulebook treatment as the regular AoF rules?

Kind regards,

Pieter Vreeburg

Replying to my own question :slight_smile: I see in another thread that the AoF:R rulebook will be the next full rulebook. This is great to hear, I still need some time to prep my armies so waiting a short while will won’t be much of a problem.