Aircraft movement

Regarding aircraft movement, rules state that you must move in a straight line, but can you change your facing before making that movement?


No, movement is only in a straight line. The only way to change facing is to fly off the board.

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I’d love to see aircraft movement explained with diagrams because it confuses me. I fielded an aircraft in my last game and the movement rules basically mean that it only shoots in round 1 or 3.

Round 1…aircraft flies into position and shoots
Round 2 …aircraft leaves the table
Round 3…aircraft re-enters and shoots
Round 4…as round 2

The aircraft felt like a waste of points, to be honest. Do I understand the rules properly?


Aircraft are all about positioning , and if you angle them properly and fly 18" each round, then it’ll be on the table for the whole game :slight_smile: