Alien Hive Soul Snatcher clarification

Checking on the soul snatchers in the alien hives, the base soul snatcher veteran has 2x piercing claws (A2, Rending) but upgrade H says upgrade any with razor claws +5. Does the base model only have 2 arms each with piercing claw? And I can upgrade it with another pair of arms with razor claws?

The soul snatchers says piercing claws (A2, Rending) so not 2x like the veteran so they only have 1 Arm?

If they are meant to start with 4 arms each with piercing claws (hence the 2x piercing claws) would razor claws be a +5 upgrade? Wouldn’t razor claws be cheaper since the are A2 with no rending?

I believe its an extra weapon attack since it doesn’t say it replaces the base weapon. So its an additional 2 attacks in combat with no ap.

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Yup that just made it click for me, sorry for being so dense there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: