Alternative Scenarios

Personally, I am not a huge fan of “most objectives wins” win conditions in these types of games in general. I like a bit of fluff to it. SO does anybody have any scenario ideas. Note I think scoring objectives is bit better in grimdark future or modern context, and maybe skirmish in fantasy.

So I guess Ill start this thread for people to put down some scenario ideas, I will follow up with a couple I have adapted from some other games.

Yes, a couple of weeks ago my friend and I did a prison rescue scenario. His squad was to enter and rescue a team member while I played as the guards and tried to prevent him from escaping. It was a Roll20 game and made use of the Fog of War feature that the platform offers.

The battle report is here:

We also make use of Games Workshop’s objective cards to create round-by-round variation.

…and, come to think of it, we always keep an ongoing count of objectives at the end of each round rather than waiting until round 4.


If you have access to any of GW’s scenarios from their games, these should work fine, I think.

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There are official OPR Mission Cards that you can download too. :slight_smile:


I would use the OPR Mission Cards too, as inspiration. These cards have conditions different to objectives; for example “on the march” gives a victory point if you have no units from your army in your deployment zone, whereas “spellbreaker” awards it if an enemy model with the Wizard special rule is destroyed. Instead of drawing random cards for a deck, you could set them previously according to your narrative. :+1: