AoF Skirmish: is it a squad based game?


I read through the rules of AoF Skirmish yesterday and I was surprised of finding the page about unit coherency.
I was expecting it to be a game like Mordheim, where the minis are meant to be moved individually, not in groups. I was indeed expecting AoF Skirmish to be to Mordheim what GDF Firefight is to Kill Team or Necromunda.

How do people normally play the game? with groups of minis activating together or with individual soldiers moving on their one?

Do you think that the game would be playable a la Mordheim, or do you anticipate problems?

How many points/minis is the average human warband to be?


The game is a mix of individual models and groups for balance reasons. Weaker models are banded together into units, whilst stronger models act alone. You can try and play it with each model acting as an individual, however you might find that the balance of the game will not be as good. :slight_smile:

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I don’t think there is any indication of which models should work as part of a group formation in the army lists. I am right to think this is left to the player as a strategic decision when building the warband?

The number of models is indicated in the army lists.
For humans:
Wizard [1]
Infanterymen [3]
Knight [1]

So you have a list consisting of 3 units with 5 models.
Hope this helped


ahhhh - that’s great. Thank you.