Battle Drills

Hello folks,

Wondering if the Battle Drills special rule which accompanies certain HDF models persists after the model has died?

Tonight I had a model give a Battle Drills order and then get killed a few minutes later. Does that Battle Drill order persist for the remainder of the round?


I’d say no, once the Drill Sergeant has been killed the bonus is lost, but if you feel like it makes more sense to you that the unit keeps it until the end of the round, then you can totally play that way. :slight_smile:

I’d play it (and similar abilities) as if they persisted. Order-of-activations is really important in OPR games. If your opponent doesn’t want you to get the ability off, they need to prioritize the activations to prevent it.

Yeah, we ended up allowing it to persist. Our reasoning was that the order had been received by the units before the drill sergeant died.

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