Battle for Vogen chapter 01-04 (narrative battle reports, fully painted armies and terrain)

I´ve started a narrative campaign that is connected to the old 40k 3rd edition “Vogen” city fight campaign. The first three battles are against AI, while the fourth, a friend joins in with his eldar forces.

01 - Embers
Unrest in Ashshore hive is overwhelming local law enforcement, and the 176th Khai-Zhann PDF is dispatched to the area to crush the uprising.

02 - Rescue Mission
176th KZ-PDF regiment launches an infantry assault on insurgent positions to rescue prisoners of war

03 - Assault on 176th FOB
With the loss of the 1st company of the 176th regiment, the insurgents go on the offensive, launching a human wave attack on the forward operating base of the 176th, threatening to destroy the regiment.

04 - Lost souls
The rebel forces have uncovered powerful eldar artifacts in the eastern deadlands. However, the original owners launch a raid to retake the artifacts before they can be used for nefarious purposes


Absolutely fantastic work! I love your table and also your story telling. Truly enjoyed the read :slight_smile: