Battle report: Marines v. Orcs, 250(ish) points

Hello, the following battle took place on Roll20. The “Sun Angels” - my friend’s bespoke Marine chapter - surprised and assaulted an Orc camp. The marines’ mission was to destroy two buildings and escape by travelling to the third objective. The Orcs would have to rouse themselves, prevent the first two objectives from being destroyed and stop any surviving marines from making it to the exit point.

In terms of gameplay we agreed that if a Marine seized objectives 1 or 2 then it would be removed from the board. A large scorch graphic would be stuck on top to show that the building had been destroyed. The orcs could not re-seize that objective, and they could do was contest the objective and thus delay its demolition.

The Sides
The marines totalled 250pts. An ambushing, flying captain with an upgraded energy hammer led them. He was accompanied by an ambushing, flying guardian brother and a regular marine. So, three miniatures in total.

The orcs totalled 260 pts. There was a shaman and three bosses. The former had upgraded psychic powers, the latter upgraded with energy claws (to counter the marine’s 2+ saves). All four orcs had upgraded with heavy armour.

The orcs were camped, probably snoozing, between the walls in the centre of the board. The marines’ deloyment zone was either where the road entered at the north edge or west edge of the board. As it turns out the marines opted to keep two soldiers in reserve, so at the start of the game only one marine had snuck towards the pump - objective 2.

Round 1
The single marine held his ground and managed to get a few shots onto one of the Bosses. Wounds were inflicted, and all the orcs could do in return was to reposition themselves. Two bosses - now aware of an attack on the Pump Station - ran to the south of the area.

Round 2
Ambush! The remaining two marines popped into view. The guardian flew towards the building and landed on its roof. The captain headed to reinforce the pump station. At objective 1 the Guardian was ineffective. Some terrible dice rolling meant that one of the bosses could charge him and that the Shaman could inflict a Death Bolt psychic attack. The wounds on the Guardian piled up and inevitably he failed a wound-table roll and ended up dead.

At objective 2 - the pump station - the Captain made an ineffective charge and assault on one of the bosses. The boss made an equally ineffective retaliatory strike. A textbook stalemate. However, the second boss in the vicinity eventually forced a stunned result on the Captain.

The third marine, still hiding behind a wall at the south of the board, managed to land some wounds on the orc who’d killed the Guardian. That orc succumbed to his wounds and died.

Objective 1 now looked out of reach for the marines - they were now fighting a losing battle.

Round 3
Not all hope was necessarily lost. Provided the Captain and the regular marine could work quickly and… oh no! the Captain’s dead! Two bosses ganged up and forced some more terrible dice rolling from the marines. The last remaining marine made a valiant charge at objective 2 but a combined attack from pistols, psychic attacks and, finally, a melee charge meant that he too soon perished.

The End
We didn’t even need a round 4. The marines had rolled some shocking dice and basically lost the battle in round 2. The marines capitulated and the orcs ate their dead.

My opponent did some navel gazing and wondered if he’d equipped the marines properly. In fairness, he drew up his army list before knowing that we’d be doing this crazy sequential objective game. Come to think of it, I’m not even sure he knew he was going to fight orcs.

That was another enjoyable Roll20 game. It took 1 hour and 15 minutes. The sequential objective idea didn’t really work. Upon reflection I thnk I should’ve allowed the marines a free round to simulate the orcs’ unpreparedness. That maybe would’ve evened things out a little.

The upgraded orc Shaman was very powerful, and all orcs were Tough(3) so very hard to wear down.

There weren’t enough marines to cover the objectives and my opponent wonders if he should’ve upgraded them with big guns rather than big melee weapons, and therefore keep the orcs at a safe distance.



Your map looks so damn good! Do you have some scatter terrain like stones or walls that you can/want to share?
Also is this Roll20 pro? With lightning effects etc?

Hi Imre,

Thank you. The lighting is actually painted onto the map so there’s nothing fancy going on, and therefore no need for Roll20 pro or anything like that.

I will probably share some of the maps as I develop them. Quite a lot of it is hand-drawn and coloured with photo textures.



I’d be interested to learn the workflow, do you use a tablet/stylus? Or do you draw by hand and then scan it?