Battle report: Orcs v. HDF (1500pts)

In this battle the Human Defence Force sought to repell a horde of orcs from pouring through two massive breaches in the city walls. It was fought over 4 rounds and the humans prevailed.

The orcs had gone with sheer weight of numbers: 40 Goblins with herders; 30 orc boyz; an ambush team of jetpack orcs; a warlord on a bike; a shaman; and an attack plane. On the human side there were several small 5-man fire teams with rifles and flamethrowers; two sniper teams; a weapons team with auto rifles; an ogre squad; a tank; and smatering of grenadiers and sergeants. Only three objective markers were generated.

The orc advance got off to a terrible start. Almost immediately there goblin numbers were decimated and the warlord was killed. The human commander had chosen (wisely) to deploy the tank as far forward as he could. It was shredding through orcs from the off. The humans were also well dug in and we discovered that a human army in good cover with all the commander re-activations and drill sergeant special rles is actually rather deadly.

And so it persisted, that the orcs advanced and fell in each round. The humans remained dug in and fired from distance. The human tank and the snipers were very effective; the orcs simply didn’t have the clout or the range to deal with either. The orc plane zipped about and shot at things but never really did any mortal dmage, which was disappointing for me as the orc commander.

Towards the end of round 4 the number of pinned units increased and objective seizures became about who wasn’t pinned and who was mobile. The orcs had the position but no numbers; the humans were distant but still healthy. In the end the humans managed to seize two out of the three objectives and the third objective (held by 4 goblins, would you believe) simply didn’t matter. The plane continued to fly around without doing much damage.

As the orc commander I found the result bruising. Over the last few months I’d crafted a marine-beating orc list. I thought that the squishy humans would be easier. But, I just couldn’t get close enough for a deadly charge and melee combat. I regret buying the plane. I wish I’d spent the money on something that could seize objectives, but I did enjoy how it annoyed my opponent. The human commander concluded that he was correct to dig in and operate a gun line from cover. He was also correct to have equipped his small fire teams with heavy flamethrowers.

Some questions have arisen from this game; I will post them elsewhere in the forum.

Anyway, here are some pictures. I use the “Aura” setting around objective markers to indicate which team holds an objective.


As always nice work and a great map! I really love the style :slight_smile:

Good narrative and well-written battle report. Thanks for including pictures. Those auras really do help.

Thanks @Imre and @spencer.