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Hi everyone,

I’ve recently taken to trying to update the GDF Battlescribe data files, hoping that it can aid in the adoption of the game since Battlescribe is such a widespread and recognizable tool in the gaming community. I’m migrating the topic here to the new forums for anyone who cares to stay updated on progress.

NOTE: Kudos to those that came before me for building the initial project and repo, I’m just updating on the top of the work they all did!

How to access and use the GDF Battlescribe data files?
The files are not hosted in the main Battlescribe data repos, they are an individual project. So please go to the following link and follow the instructions in the readme (it’s suuuuuper simple and easy, don’t be intimidated):

What about my army, is it up-to-date and if not when will you be getting to it?
The readme section at the GitHub repo above lists all of the GDF factions and there current version in Battlescribe. Those are accurate, so if the version listed there is not the latest released by OPR then the Battlescribe data for that army is behind, and I’ll be getting to it.

I started this initially just to update the factions used by my personal playgroup, but after realizing we play more than half the available factions between us I plan to do all GDF factions. I’m now churning through them in rough order of popularity based on preference data OPA was able to provide me.

Everything, including the game system file, was several versions behind so most of the armies are practically a full re-write. At the very least I need to review every entry for accuracy, even if it already exists. So each one takes a bit of work. Hopefully everything will be up-to-date and in maintenance mode within a month or two at this point.

How can you help?
The biggest help would be to just use the files and let me know if you find bugs or problems. If you’re interested in helping to author new files, please PM me and we can discuss.

Changelog (Major Updates Only)

  • 2020-05-04: Patch Update - TAO Coalition v2.9
  • 2020-04-24: Patch Updates - HDF v2.11, Dwarf Guilds v2.4, Havoc Bros/Discs v2.8/v2.10, Inquisition v2.5, and Wormhole Daemons v2.7.
  • 2020-04-17: High Elf Fleets updated to v2.7
  • 2020-04-07: Feudal Guard v2.5 has been added.
  • 2020-04-06: Wormhole Daemons v2.5 has been added.
  • 2020-03-27: Battle Sisters updated to v2.6 and GDF Game System/Core rules updated to v2.8.
  • 2020-03-26: Robot Legions updated to v2.7.
  • 2020-03-23: Elven Jesters v2.4 has been added.
  • 2020-03-19: Human Inquisition v2.4 has been added.
  • 2020-03-18: Havoc Brothers and Disciples updated to v2.7 and v2.9 respectively.
  • 2020-03-12: Machine Cult updated to v2.7 (minor patch)
  • 2020-03-12: Human Defense Force updated to v2.10
  • 2020-03-10: Machine Cult updated to v2.6
  • 2020-03-08: High Elf Fleets updated to v2.6
  • 2020-03-05: TAO Coalition updated to v2.7
  • 2020-03-04: Orc Marauders updated to v2.9
  • 2020-03-03: Alien Hives updated to v2.7
  • 2020-02-26: Battle Brothers, Prime Brothers and their Detachments updated to v2.10, v2.10 and v2.9 respectively.
  • 2020-02-20: Soul Snatchers updated to v2.6
  • 2020-02-20: Dwarf Guilds updated to v2.3
  • 2020-02-18: GDF Game System file updated with latest rules language

Updated with today’s Machine Cult v2.7 patch. Starting work on Havoc Brothers/Disciples.

Thank you, you are doing Machine God’s work.

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Battle Brothers has an issue. No options for the A upgrades on the Champion. Noticed them missing when looking to add the Energy Sword to him.

Keep up the good work. :slight_smile:

@Phaedros they seem to exist, are you sure you’re using the most recent data files and are looking through all of the sub-menus when kitting him out?

Havoc Brothers and Disciples updated to v2.7 and v2.9 respectively.

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Figured it out, seems to be user error on my part. Thanks.

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The cost of the Energy Sword and Energy Fist are flipped tho.

Thanks! I’ll get it fixed shortly.

Seriously, I appreciate any bug feedback people have. Especially for the bigger sets like Battle Bros and Havoc Bros it’s a lot of content to update all at once, so I’m sure I’ve gotten some things wrong.

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@Phaedros the costs should be fixed, please update your data file again.

Added Human Inquisition v2.4.


This has been a lifesaver. Needed to teach 12 people how to play many different factions. So much easier to be able to build their lists and print them out. Thank you

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I’m glad to hear it is being used and people are finding value from it! Sometimes it feels a bit like I’m throwing this effort in to the void…

Speaking of effort, Elven Jesters v2.4 were added today too.


Well I watched about half of them download it too… so at least in my little neck of the woods, its deeply appreciated

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Robot Legions updated to v2.7.


Battle Sisters updated to v2.6 and GDF Game System/Core Rules updated to v2.8.


Hi Darguth,
as discussed on discord here’s a little issue.
Found in the Orc Marauders list:
If I upgrade all pistols to carbines (Upgrade from table J) I’m not able to upgrade one boy with a special weapon (table K)
Thanks and cheers


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Wormhole Daemons v2.5 has been added. Happy Monday :slight_smile:

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Feudal Guard v2.5 has been added.