Champions and Challenges in GDF

A fun, house rule, that I’m not imposing on anyone…

Each side has one hero as a “general”
Each side has one hero as a “champion”

Generals = can use advanced rules (once per activation) with their unit or a unit within 6". Automatic bonus VP for killing the general
Champion = can re-roll failed to-hit rolls while in melee with a hero. Must move into base contact with a hero when charging if possible. Must apply all damage to a hero if in base contact with a hero. Heroes must reroll all successful to hit rolls while in base contact with a champion. If a champion is in base contact with a champion, ignore all reroll rules.

Way too wordy for OPR, but it has been a blast. Used it in at least a dozen games by now with a rather large playgroup, at two small/local conventions, and one 12 player team tournament. Players have really enjoyed it. Made those two models (general and champion) a major part of strategy and counter-strategy. Has also served as an excellent way to introduce advanced rules without it overwhelming newer players.

And please, if someone can effectively lower my word count on that, I’d appreciate it


What do you mean with “can use advanced rules”?

I should have said advanced actions.

We play blind lists and random matches, so no one knows which player they’re playing or what army when they make their lists and plan their units. Maybe half of my players are die hard table top fans with experience, but the other half are on their first year of doing anything like this. So, by tossing the champion and general things in there, two experienced players can use them, utilize heroes and extra actions more, add the game within the game. But if one of the players is newer, they just use basic rulebook stuff until they’re ready.

It’s been an excellent carrot for the experienced players to use the advanced actions and an excellent carrot for the newer players to gain enough mastery of the rules to pull out the “general” and the “champion” as that dynamic creates quiet the ruckus as a champ tries to head hunt the general and the outcome (either way) gets cheers, other players walking… all that fun conversation.

I do, however, worry that it becomes too much of a focus. Players still need to play the game and earn the VPs and get sidetracked by shiny options. The few times I play in these open play days (if its an odd number, I sit out… act as rules judge), I often draw players into poor board control and bad positioning by dangling a general in front of a champ, or aggressively moving a champ near a general. But the peoples want what the people want