Clarifications and rules from the old forum

Hi this is a compilation of some things I thought it shouldnt be lost with the old forum.

Everything here has been answer or verified by onepageanon so be sure everything will be according to what he thinks is right.

Now most of this is from GF 2.7 but as rules advance I think we can use most of this still with some logic in some other versions.

Questions about Rules 2.7

I’ve downloaded the new rules and I have a few questions or points needing clarification, please. Can you help?

  1. The rule which stated that “pinned units cannot hold objectives” has been removed. Is this deliberate?

  2. Furious: can the “weapon of choice” be a ranged weapon such as a rifle or - better yet - a massive rocket launcher? If so then it seems that the Furious rule has made units incredibly powerful.

  3. The rule about a Hero helping the morale of units within 12" isn’t on the one-page Core Rules as far as I can see. I may have missed it though.

  4. Check under the “Mission” section, it reads “Pinned units can’t seize markers…”

  5. No, only melee weapons.

  6. The 12" morale bonus is only for the skirmish games.

A couple of questions about melee -

  1. Furious - This is one attack per model, yes?
    So a unit of 10 Ork boys (with 2 CCW attacks each) would get (if they can all get into melee) 20 attacks + 1 per figure, for 30 attacks when charging.
    Is that right?

2 Impact - Impact counts as hits from which defense is rolled normally?
so an Ork Trukk with an impact of 6 and a wreckin ball (impact +3) charging a unit would do 9 hits, and that charged unit would roll 9 dice for defense
Is that right?

1 - Correct, it’s +1 attack per model.

2 - Correct, it’s that amount of hits with no AP or special rules.

New Rules for TAO:
Elemental Power: When the hero and his unit are activated pick one of these powers, and all models get one of these special rules until the end of the round:

All Models mean what? All models of the unit, my army or all models on the table? I guess it means Army, so i would propose to rename it for the next update in “all friendly TAO models”

It’s all models in the unit. I’ll look into how to clarify it.

Core Engine

If a unit with Regeneration is hit by a weapon with Deadly(X), how many Regeneration rolls does it get?

It rolls one Regeneration roll for each wound, so a total of X times.

Do extra hits from poison use a weapon’s other special rules?

Yes, for example if a weapon has Poison and AP(X) then the extra hits also have AP(X).

What is the difference between Blast(X) and Deadly(X)?

When taking hits from Blast(X) you roll X dice to block and take 1 wound for each failed block, whereas when taking hits from Deadly(X) you roll 1 dice to block and take X wounds for each failed block.

When replacing weapons what’s the difference between replace one/any/all/up to X?

If the list says “replace one weapon”, then only one model can replace its weapon, and you have to pay the cost for that model.
If the list says “replace any weapon”, then as many models as you want can replace their weapons, and you pay the cost for each model that did.
If the list says “replace all weapons”, then all models must replace their weapon, and you pay the cost only once for all models.
If the list says “replace up to X weapon”, then up to X models can you can replace their weapons, and you pay the cost for each model that did.

When buying upgrades what’s the difference between upgrade one/any/all models?

If the list says “upgrade one model”, then only one model can buy the upgrade, and you have to pay the cost for that model.
If the list says “upgrade any model”, then as many models as you want can buy the upgrade, and you pay the cost for each model that was upgraded.
If the list says “upgrade all models”, then buying the upgrade applies it to all models, and you pay the cost only once for all models.

When buying upgrades what’s the difference between upgrade with one/any/up to X?

If the list says “upgrade with one”, then you can only buy one upgrade from the list.
If the list says “upgrade with any”, then you can buy any upgrade once from the list.
If the list says “upgrade with up to X”, then you can buy any upgrade up to X times from the list (even multiple times).

Grimdark Future & Age of Fantasy

For the purpose of morale tests from when is the “total size or tough value” counted?

The total size or tough value is counted at the beginning of the game.

Example: If a unit with 10 models loses 5 models, you must take a morale test. From then on it will have to take a morale test whenever it loses models because it is at 50% or below of its starting size (counted at the beginning of the game).

Does a unit that is “idle” still have to be activated? What can it do?

Units that are idle still have to be activated, and they may not do anything during that activation.

Do models with Aircraft that are Pinned still have to move 18"-36"?


Can units with Psychic/Wizard cast spells from within a transport?


Can a Psychic/Wizard target himself or his own unit when casting spells?


Is there any bonus to charging a unit in its flank/rear? (AoF Regiments)

No, you don’t get a bonus to your melee results for charging a unit in the flank/rear. Instead units can only attack in their front facing, so if you charge a unit in its flank/rear you don’t get return strikes.

Firefight & Skirmish

Does a model with Tough(X) have to roll on the wound table for each wound it takes?

No, the model only rolls on the wound table once it has taken X wounds.

Can I use units such as vehicles and chariots from Grimdark Future/Age of Fantasy in Firefight/Skirmish?

Yes, however they might not be very balanced.

A few questions and upgrades suggestions

a few questions though :

  1. Is the cost of an upgrade that affects all models displayed per model or for the whole unit (i.e. do aliens assault grunts pay 50pts (5pts*10 models) for furious or just 5pts for the whole squad?)

  2. For rules such as scout, stealth and ambush and units joined by heroes, what is the requirement for the effect to trigger : at least one model with the rule in the unit, the majority of models or all models? (I guess it has to be all of them but could not find it written in the rules) Same question for Shield Wall, it is the same as stealth rulewise but quite different fluffwise.

  3. Same for fast and slow , I guess these are on a per model basis so each model can move its own maximum distance as long as the unit keeps its coherency?

  4. Is the Knight Brothers teleport move performed in addition to the activation move (Hold, Advance, Rush or Charge) or instead of it?

  5. TAO Spotting Laser : the wording says “The model may try to mark…instead of firing one of its weapons.” does this mean that a model with more than one ranged weapon that wants to mark a unit can still fire all of its weapons minus one?

The rest are both questions and suggestions regarding some army lists, sorry in advance if I took features for bugs^^

  1. Why are Battle Brothers and Dark Elf Raiders (and I guess others too) upgraded with veteran infantry still limited to one “special weapon set” per unit? It would be cool if the could mix and match like in 40k the original game

  2. Why can Alien Hive Guardians only take one gun per unit?

  3. Why do Watch Brothers not have access to bikes , psychics and the leader’s “spear riffle”?

  4. Same for Custodians , are they planned to have access to their jetbikes and “axe riffles”?

5 points for all models.

  1. It has to be all of them, unless something specifically targets an individual model. For example, a unit with only 1 model that has Regeneration doesn’t get to ignore wounds on 5+, however if a Sniper shoots at that model then he does.
  1. Yep, model by model basis. If the unit is fast but a slow hero joined, they have to stay in coherency (probably shouldn’t put slow hero’s with fast units or vice versa).
  1. It’s performed in addition to the unit’s activation. First you teleport, then you do the rest.
  1. Yes, you’d forgo using one weapon but still shoot with the others if you have more than one.
  1. It’s due to space issues. If you want to have them all upgrade to special weapons simply ignore the “replace one” restriction.

  2. That’s a mistake, should be “replace any” instead of “replace one”.

  3. As with any of the Detachments, you can take any units from the Battle Brothers list, such as Bikers and Psychics. As for the Spear-Rifle, I can add it.

  4. I’ll have to look into that.

Vehicles in Melee?

Vehicles have lost their A1 CCW. Does this mean their they have lost the ability to strike back in melee? As I read the rules Impact(X) only works for the charging unit:

“Impact(X). Deals X automatic hits when charging successfully .”

So the crew has lost its ability to shoot out the openings?

(One a side note, the phrase “automatic hits” has been a source of confusion from the start: The rules never specified whether we roll for them or not. Suggest adding a definition.)

Unless they have a melee weapon they can’t strike back.

The idea is that you can totally try to squish your enemies by charging into them and dealing a ton of impact hits, but if they aren’t pinned/routed then they’ll be able to charge you back and pin/rout your vehicle since you’ll always lose melee. It’s how we try to balance out people just charging across the table with all of their vehicles.

Cumulative effects

Hi could someone help me with a couple doubts?(this examples apply for more armies than the Tao I just use them for the questions because they have a little of everything)

1)Does 1 Tao unit can buy more than 1 of the same Drone with a Special rule? Im guessing not because if they can the units are really op and seriously break the game if u know how

2)If they can wouldnt that be against the “same special rule are not cumulative” rule? I guess you could use just 1 effect and if u loose the model that have the Drone then u could start using the second effect

3)Now if u merge 2 units by force u will have 2 of the same(or even more if the same original unit can use 2 of the same drone) but because they’re merge i think this way is reasonable to think u can use the same Drone with a Special rule twice(once per original unit) or merging units(and not only for the Tao) will be a waist of Special rules your units can have

  1. Yes, you can buy multiple instances of the same drone type.

  2. Special rules are not cumulative, so for example if you buy 2 Shield Drones the unit only gets Regeneration once.

  3. Since the drone upgrades are attached to single models, you can merge 2 units with different drone types, so for example you could have a unit of 10 Grunts with a Shield Drone and a Gun Drone.

Special Rules

Accelerator Drone: This unit gets +6” range when firing its Pulse Carbines.

So here you have to merge the 2 units with that drone by force(if you want to merge them of course) but one have no use until you kill the Tao that use it and then the other drone starts working(but at any moment you got +12" range) correct?

There is nothing forces you to take the Accelerator Drone twice, however it’s not intended that the special rules accumulate.

When preparing your army you may merge units by deploying two copies of the same unit as a single big unit, as long as any upgrades that affect all models in the unit are bought for both.

because the done affects all models u will be force to take it twice when meging units acording to that rule

I see, it’s a problem of how it’s worded I guess. What is meant is upgrades that are taken by all models, so the intention is that since the Accelerator Drone is an upgrade for a single model, then you don’t have to buy it for both.


Repair: Once per turn, if within 2” of a unit with Tough, roll one die. On a 4+ you may repair 1 wound from the target.

Ok here just says that you must be within 2" of a unit with Tough but it dosn’t say that must be the target… so could u repair yourself?(You don’t count as the unit with tough of course)

Yes, the unit can use Repair on itself. the model is always in range and can repair itself.


Hi when you use the “charge” action can you only move on a straight line or are you able to move regularly as long as you reach the enemy unit?

You don’t have to move in a straight line, you can move around corners, etc.


Hi could you help me with this please

1)When a unit have several models with the same weapon and they’ve the deadly special rule when do they choose who are they targeting? I mean you shot all the same weapons at the same time so do you choose the target and it most be 1 model or can each choose 1 different model of the unit the’re targeting?

2)Do you must select the model(s) the deadly weapon(s) is targeting at before you roll the dice or after you succeed your quality check?

  1. If they all have the same weapon they must all target the same unit.

  2. You always select the unit you are targeting before shooting. Note that you select the unit, and not the model. The model is selected by the defender.

Deadly doesn’t allow you to select a model like sniper

I’m going to regret pointing this out…

In the Orc army list the Shaman is the only ork which doesn’t have “Bad Shot”. I was able to cause havok during last night’s game by giving my shaman a rocket launcher and regeneration. My opponents insisted that the lack of “Bad Shot” must be a typo. In the spirit of fairness I thought I’d better mention it today. Typo?

He should have bad shot.

Confused about upgrades

When replacing weapons what’s the difference between replace one/any/all/up to X?

If the list says “replace one weapon”, then only one model can replace its weapon, and you have to pay the cost for that model.
If the list says “replace any weapon”, then as many models as you want can replace their weapons, and you pay the cost for each model that did.
If the list says “replace all weapons”, then all models must replace their weapon, and you pay the cost only once for all models.
If the list says “replace up to X weapon”, then up to X models can you can replace their weapons, and you pay the cost for each model that did.

Dark Brothers v2.8 Heavy Flail Question

In the Dark Brothers (Battle Brothers Detachments) v2.8 list, Destroyer Knights can have one of their Heavy Maces replaced by a Heavy Flail (A4, AP(1), Impact(3)).
Is the single model granted Impact(3), or does each of the 4 attacks from the Heavy Flail each have Impact(3)?

The hits from Impact are not related to the attack stat of the weapon, so the model deals 3 hits from Impact and then still gets its regular attacks.

TAO v2.7 Question - Volley Fire & Twin Weapons

In Grimdark Future, the Volley Fire special rule for the TAO Coalition reads, “The hero and his unit get +1A to their Pulse Shotguns, Pulse Carbines or Pulse Rifles when using Hold actions.” Similarly, in Firefight, the Volley Fire special rule reads “The hero and all friendly units within 12” get +1A to their Pulse Shotguns, Carbines or Rifles when using Hold actions.”

How does Volley Fire interact with “twin” weapons, e.g. Twin Pulse Carbine (18”, A4, AP(1))?
Do “twin” weapons get +2 attacks, since they are effectively a doubled-up version of the base weapon (Pulse Carbine (18”, A2, AP(1)) in the aforementioned case)? Or is it just one additional attack, regardless of the weapon, onepageanon?

It’s always just +1 attack.

Vehicle with Multiple weapons

My Plague Hauler is uquipped with

3 shoting weapons:

Toxic Spurt 12”-A1

Heavy Fusion Rifle 24”-A1

AT Missile Launcher 48”-A1.

During the shooting phase, can he fire with all 3 weapons?

Can he choose a different target for each individual weapon?

He must declare before shoot the targets? Or can he change idea after first shoot??
ex: He targets a tank with the HFR and then (if the tank is destroyed) decides to target a unit of orks with toxit spurt.

Official stance: Totally up to personal preference.

I’m still confused about morale tests

Hi, I played another game of Grimdark Future last night and once again found myself doubting/questioning the rules around morale. I hope that someone can clear this up for me.

Let’s start with a model which has 12 wounds.
It loses 6 wounds.
It takes a morale test and passes. It remains on the battlefield with 6 wounds left.

  • What happens if it loses more wounds? Does it have to take more morale tests?

Yes, it keeps taking morale tests.

Ok, thanks, but when does it take extra morale tests? Is it when the 6 remaining wounds become 3?

It takes a new test whenever it takes additional wounds.

What about when a psychic does some psychic damage and then also shoots at the same enemy. Are there two morale tests or just one test at the end of the activation?

Two separate attacks = two separate morale tests.

But different weapons from the same unit are all one attack?

No, different weapons are all part of the same attack. Imagine it like an attack “type”, so you have spell attacks, shooting attacks, melee attacks, special rule attacks…

The rules read: “Whenever a unit takes wounds that bring it down to half or less of its total size or tough value (for units with a single model), it must take a morale test.”

So this means that every time a unit takes wounds, you check if that brought it down to half or less of its total size. Nothing ever mentions it being just the first time, and the use of “whenever” means that you have to check every time. This is the best we could do whilst trying to save space and without making things too convoluted.

Mix threads

  1. In melee, after charge and defender moves, models within 2" can attack. Can models outside of 2" take wounds?

  2. If you resolve different weapons in some order, if models in between dice and change whether some models are within 2" anymore, does that change which units can attack with further weapons?

  3. Yes, the player may assign wounds to any model, regardless of range or line of sight.

  4. All models are assumed to be attacking at the same time, so if you first resolve all attacks from one weapon type and after removing wounds the rest of the models are not in range or line of sight, then you still get to keep attacking as if they are. To make things clearer it’s best if players roll all “to hit” and “to block” dice first, and only then the defender removes casualties.


Wow. That must’ve taken ages. Nice one.

A bit but my friends r kind of rules lawyers so this help us :slight_smile:

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