Community army guides

Hey all, I was reading through a few things on 1d4chan recently which made me think that perhaps doing something similar to their tactica articles for the various OPR games could be helpful. For those who aren’t familiar, those are community made and edited guides to an army and all its units, giving you information about how to use what and in what combinations. I’m not thinking of anything super competitive, but an introduction to the various units in each army, which situations they are good in, what benefit they give an army, what they synergize with, and when you may want to give them various upgrades. That could especially be helpful either for people looking to learn a new army or who have just gotten into OPR games.

Is there any interest in creating a project like this, and if so, what platform do you think it should be done on? I see two main options, either a google drive with a separate doc for each army, or we could make it on 1d4chan’s wiki. Thoughts?


Would it be possible to make an OPRWiki? Every army could have it’s own page with lore and tactics all in one place.

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I think a wiki system would work well/better than Gdrive I think.

So since OPA said it may be better to make it on 1d4chan since there’s already some traffic to OPR games coming from the page there, I went ahead and made a category for Grimdark Future there. I haven’t played too much of the other games but those who have more experience with them can add them as well :slight_smile: For now there’s just a template to link everything together and a stub TAO tactica.