CorpSec Troubleshooters - Cyberpunk for GF

I’ve amassed a pretty big collection of what I’d call “hard sci-fi/cyberpunk” style figures from a collection of a bunch of different manufacturers over the years: mostly from Warpath, Infinity and MERCS. Sadly, while I’ve been able to use some with my Rebel Scum Guerrillas most of them don’t fit in very well. After getting sick of seeing these awesome dudes on my shelf for so long and having nothing to do with them, I decided it was time to make an army.

Thus the Corporate Security (CorpSec) Troubleshooters were born.

" Hailing from a remote portion of the Sirius Sector, the CorpSec Troubleshooters are the private military forces employed by the MegaCorporations of the Syndicate Worlds. Called in to put down the riots of rebellious citizens (products), alien troublemakers, bio-engineered abominations, and other-dimensional horrors, the men and women of CorpSec are equipped with some of the finest weapons and armor money can buy. Equipped with devastating maser weapons which make quick work of lightly armored foes, and sporting jump-jet augmented power armor, they are ready to take down whatever threats emerge to endanger the profit margins of the MegaCorporations. Some CorpSec forces are independent, and they’re more than happy to take on mandate contracts from any willing client… if the money is right. "

Below you’ll find the army lists for these cyber-enhanced fighters for both Grimdark Future and Grimdark Future Firefight. I’ve also included an extra document that explains the lore behind them, and the decisions I went through in putting them together. I’ve even suggested a few models based off what I’m using that would work as a starting point.

CorpSec Design and Lore Document
CorpSec Troubleshooters - GF
CorpSec Troubleshooters - GFF

The points should be calculated correctly. You’ll find that they’re a pretty tight and streamlined force. They were based heavily on the Enforcer Army from Mantic’s Warpath with a bit of an Infinity vibe thrown in. Like their cousins from Warpath, they probably would work best alongside HDF, but they’re definitely capable of standing on their own.

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Awesome! Love the design and idea behind this.