I think the cover-section of the rules is lacking some definition of when units are in cover. Sure if all models are clearly in cover, it is not an issue. However, what of any other situation?

  • Should I do model for model, and if a shooting model can see at least one model in the target unit without cover, it is then without cover? Or do you suggest a 50% in cover rule?
  • How much of a model needs to be in cover to claim cover?
  • Can the shooting unit ignore cover from terrain it is touching (like a low wall)

Would be great if you could include a small section on cover saves in the next update of the rulebook.
I also think the 40k 4th edition rules for area terrain would fit perfectly with the simplicity of GDF: You can see up to 6" into / out of area terrain, but you cannot see through it. (you can see taller units over it of course. Simplifies the need for LOS blocking terrain, as any wood and ruin is now LOS blocking regardless of windows and trees.


In our games we apply a cover modifier if the majority of a unit is hidden. We also agree some basics at the start of the game too. Generally, if a model or the majority of a unit is on top of a terrain piece then it’s in cover

We generally don’t want to go too deep into the definitions of line-of-sight and cover, because we found that everyone prefers to play their own way anyway. So do whatever you prefer. :slight_smile:


We do it shooting-models Vs target unit. That is if the attacker’s models in majority have clear LOS or not. Note that you can decrease the amount of shooters if you like to remove the cover.

Shooting out of area terrain is one thing we have a bit more varied opinion about.

I also think it would be nice and i would really appreciate it if you could add a short simple section about Line-of-sight and cover :wink:. In my opinion there are two reasons for this:

  1. There could be players that are completely or relatively new to tabletop-gaming, they could need an explanation how to handle cover and Line-of-sight.

  2. If there would be a tournament (you made a Tournament Guide) there also should be a clear rules for this. If you dont have them there could be a lot of unnecessary discussions/arguments about this between players that handle that differently “at home”.

If you dont want to add it to the rules-section, maybe it could be added to the Tournament Guide or added as separat Supplement?

Best regards and thank you for your work :+1:!

Check the basic/full rulebooks for a more in-depth description that should help newcomers. :blush: