Dark Assault vs Ambush

Looking for some clarification on the difference of the two. From what I have read it seems like Dark Assault can happen at any time during any round vs Ambush which only can only occur at the beginning of a round. Anybody wanna weigh in?

Ambush units can only be deployed after the first round, whilst Dark Assault units can be deployed on any round, even the first. :slight_smile:

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Perfect! Thank you for the clarification it has been bugging me.

As someone who regularly plays against Dark Brothers, the ability to Ambush on round 1, after units with Scout are placed, the points upgrade for Dark Assault is well worth it. Dark Destroyers, especially those with melee-focused upgrades become a very, very serious threat to soft targets, artillery, and even hordes of infantry. I highly recommend them, @Pierce_Przybyla

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