Deathball - Countdown Clock Deck

Inspired by the Two Minute Warning deck for Elfball, since Deathball runs 60 turns, this seems like a method to track the turns as well as add a bit of chaos. These rules replace the Random Events rules.

Countdown Clock Deck (replaces random events)
Take a deck of regular playing cards with distinct jokers (referred to here as red and black jokers) (54 cards). Add 6 cards (that are not face cards, aces, deuces, or jokers) from a matching deck. Each player turn, one card is flipped. If it is a face card, joker, ace, or deuce, look below to see what event occurs. If there are no cards left in the deck when a player goes to flip one, the game ends.

  • Red Joker: Overtime – Take 10 random non-joker cards from the discard (or all-non-joker if less than 10) and shuffle them back into the deck.
  • Black Joker: Run the Clock – Discard the top 1d6 cards from the deck, with no effect.
  • Red King: Cheering Fans – All stunned models on the acting team immediately get up.
  • Black King: Rock Throw – One random model on the acting team is immediately stunned.
  • Red Queen: Blitz – The first model activated only needs 3+.
  • Black Queen: Wrong Footed – A model activated this turn that rolls doubles on its activation roll is stunned before taking any action.
  • Red Jack: Brilliant Coaching – The acting team gains 1 coach point (to a maximum of 6).
  • Black Jack: Coaching Fail – The acting team loses 1 coach point (to a minimum of 1).
  • Red Ace: Magic Sponge – The acting team may place a knocked-out model back in play along a board edge within 12" of that team’s goal.
  • Black Ace: Rogue Wizard – A random model on the acting team is teleported D6" in a random direction. This does not provoke free attacks.
  • Deuce: Stolen Playbook – Look at the top card in the deck. You may place that card either on top of the deck or on the bottom of the deck.
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