Deathball game length question

The 60 turn game length. Is that player turns, or activation attempts?

So, if I succeed at activating a model, succeed at activating a second model, and then fail to activate a third model, is that 1 turn or 3 turns down? It seems like it would be 1 turn down but that could be potentially 300 activation attempts in a game.

It’s player turns, including the 3 attempts, so a potential total of 180 turns (EDIT: It’s actually 300 turns).

Honestly we don’t have a very good way of ending the game that’s consistent across players. We originally had it by goals scored, but that would drag the game on if nobody scored. Now it’s by turns, but depending on how cautious players are the game can drag on as well.

What do you mean @onepageanon? I don’t understand the part of the “180 turns”.

If I comprehed the rules correctly, there are 60 player turns (30 per player), and each player can activate all of their 5 models, summing up a total of 300 activations (150 per player). Then, in each activation, each model can take up to 3 actions, depending on the dice rolled and their successes. Is it right?

Sorry, I completely bamboozled myself there, you’re right!

I’ve fixed my original post just in case someone only reads that one. :slight_smile: