Deathball interactive stat cards

I’ve made an interactive PDF for stat cards for Deathball. Dropdowns allow selection of position and team trait. The back of the card allows an image to be inserted so you can either do a team logo or picture of the model. The cards are designed to print at 2.5"x3.5" so should fit standard card sleeves.

The file is available here:


Oh these are awesome! I was gifted a Bloodbowl team so I wanted to test deathball anyways

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I’m amazed by the quantity and quality of stat cards that have been shared for One Page Rules. Several months ago, there were only simple cards made with Excel :rofl:

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Glad people like them. Would people be interested in a non-dropdown version for custom rules?

In my case, I used stat cards first but at the moment I’m using A4 sheets like the army books. Maybe other people would be interested in the non-dropdown version :smiley: