Deathball - More Team Traits

A few adaptions of some abilities from other fantasy football games. Not sure on the balance on all of them so any feedback appreciated.

Pro: When knocked out, roll a d6. On a 6+ stunned instead. Stunned models get +1 to activation rolls.
Con: When set up, roll a D6 for each model. On a 6+ the model starts stunned.

Cheaty Bastards
Pro: Double the number of coach points received (as well as the maximum you may have).
Con: When spending a coach point, if the re-rolled die is a 1, the nearest of your models to the rolling model is removed from play as if knocked-out.

Pro: Get +1 on attack rolls against an enemy you moved into contact with this turn.
Con: Re-roll one successful activation roll if there is no enemy model within 6"

Pro: Enemy models get -1 to rolls for taking the ball (including receiving) and shooting while within 6".
Con: Knocked-out models are placed as stunned.

Pro: If an opponent gets a free attack for this model moving out of another model’s control zone, ignore the attack on a 4+.
Con: Get -1 to result when hit.