Double Tap - tests

Hi, with the lockdown, I made a few solo tests of Double Tap and I must say this is a great game !

Just a few propositions :

Activations :
Armies with many figures can for example use an ultra-powerful unit several times in the same turn. Penalties or limitations of use could help.

Reactions :
A unit with a good shooting position can potentially react to each enemy activation. Once again penalties or limitations of use could help.

Ambush :
Perhaps reserve units should not count towards activation points until they are on the table

Infiltrate / Scout :
These two skills are very similar, but I think that scout is more effective for the same cost. Maybe Infiltrate should only costs 1pt…

Sorry for the bad pictures…


Oh wow that is an awesome table! I want to try doubletap myself, just waiting fpr my new printer until I can print the necessary teams :slight_smile: (Going Papermini)

I think the rule that you get only activation points for the units on the table makes total sense!
I also thought about a way to translate it into a more fantasy setting. It would be great to have the possibility to use some D&D warbands in a Fantasy setting.