Dwarf Guilds - 3D Printing Remixes

It was really a great coincidence that I got hooked on 3D-printing and found OPR at roughly the same time. After finding MrOrangeJumpers really great, old-school-styled Squats and finding a rule set that I really enjoyed playing that supported a Space Dwarfs faction, I was thrilled.

As great as MOJ’s base models are, there’s not a 1:1 match with some of the OPR options so I’ve been trying to figure out or find other ways to flesh out the army.

I’m a real 3D-modelling novice, but just a few days ago I realized that many of MOJ’s models could be teased apart as separate shells in Meshmixer. I happily began ripping things apart, cutting, and remixing.

This is the end result of a few days of effort:

Dwarf Guilds Berserkers! These were made with a bunch of chopped-up component bits that I then mixed-and-matched into some pre-posed models seen here. I’ll release these as well as the components as a “builder” of sorts after I test print them to ensure they’ll work. Next up I might do something similar to make some pistol+hand weapon Jetpack Warriors!

P.S. I’ll keep up on the Battlescribe transcription, just got excited and detoured on to this project :slight_smile:


First test print completed and cured successfully (one arm broke while removing supports too aggressively). Overall I’m happy with the premise, but not thrilled with how the weapons turned out.

The ones I’d found were intended for larger models and I scaled them down. The details and tubes and whatnot just don’t work at this scale.

So I’ll probably look for simpler geometry weapon options. Plus I found a more dynamic “walking” leg pose to break up the uniformity a bit more.

(Those 5 guys only cost $0.90 to print though, so still a pretty cheap experiment!)


Some very rough proof-of-concept images for some Dwarf Guilds Jetpack Warriors. I’m going to be able to re-use a lot of the chopped bits from these Berserkers for these. It’ll just be different helms, weapons and obviously the added jetpack :slight_smile:

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