Epic Grimdark Future

Hi, I hope these rules serve to represent epic battles, they are just some ideas that can work. I had been inspired by the third edition of epic, because it is the most abstract of all and I think is more easy to merge with the Grimdark Future normal rules.

In all the incarnations of the epic system, cm has been used as a basic measured unit; I have respected it to give a different flavor to the normal Grimdark games.
About the army lists, I think they would be a mix with the Grimdark kind of stats, the third edition troop tipes and the company card based second edition system. this way choosing between closed companies and different smaller support formations would be a simpler way to build up the armies. But Ireally don’t have enougth knowlege to provide them.
Some rules I keep it in italic, because they would be useful for army list building, but really I don’t know how to deal with it.Epic Grimdark Future Core V1.0.pdf (102.2 KB)

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I’d be interested in seeing this get developed a little more. I’ve been trying to make my own version to use with 3mm minis.

I was going to play GF but use generic loadouts to simplify matters.

To make the game more strategic I was going to add in some kind of flanking bonus (severely punished if flanked) and soft and hard cover. -1 & -2 to hit. Seeing as the tiny units will still be on a big table manouvere will be a much bigger part of the game and taking key terrain features and holding them will be an exciting addition to gameplay.

Also, to speed gameplay up, along with flanking (say 2x base attacks OR extra AP), I’d give vehicles front, rear and side facing.

Shoot the side = AP(1)
Rear = AP(2) so and AP(1) weapon would be and AP(3) weapon.

Very abstract, but again, would make manouvere just as deadly as loadout.