Feudal Guard - Army List Feedback

Going through the army list to build the Battlescribe config (plus I plan to print and run an army of them after my Dwarf Guilds!) and noticed a few items I thought I’d bring up:

  1. The costs for Weapon Teams seem to be incorrect, specifically when added as a Squad Weapon Attachment upgrade for Feudal Guardsmen, Weapon Teams and Feudal Engineers units (lists E and G). I think this is possibly a copy-paste error porting them from the HDF list, but it fails to account for their Fearless rule.

  2. The Overcharged Engine rule doesn’t need to appear on the first list of units, it’s only available for the Walker. So it’ll save some space on the page.

  3. The army notably lacks any options for Ambush, Fly, or Strider rules. Might suggest some of those as upgrade options for the Elites entry.

  4. (This also applies to HDF, I just noticed it here) The Mini-GL option for Ogres is statistically just better than the Heavy SMG option. This is because the SMG and the Mini-GL’s HE option will statistically do the same average damage (the GL is just all-or-nothing). But then the Mini-GL gives you a hard target option, basically for free. There’s no reason I can see to not always take the Mini-GL over the SMG option.

  5. I don’t really understand why the Feudal Cavalry lack Fearless but the Heavy APC has it (when neither of the other tanks do)?

  6. Is it intentional that the Heavy APC can take 2x missile upgrades? This makes sense with the Walker because the model has two shoulder-mounts for them, but I don’t get why this is the case on the APC.

  7. The Battle Tank lacks a pintle-mount option, even though the TMC model clearly has them.

Lots of good points here, I’ll try to have them fixed by the next patch. :slight_smile:

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