Firefight prison break: Battle report


Well, we tried something different with the Firefight rules tonight. The Battle Brothers were to infiltrate a prison compound to rescue a comrade who had been captured by a dissident human faction. 300pts of Battle Brother broke into the prison to face an unknown number of guards, riot guards, ogres and others.

The battle took place on Roll20 and made use of the “fog of war” feature. The Battle Brothers could only “see” the areas of the map that they occupied or could draw line of sight to.

The mission was as follows. The Battle brothers had to enter the compound, reach a central cell to rescue their comrade then reach one of three possible exits.Getting the prisoner to an exit would mean victory for the battle brothers. The guards had to simply destroy the Battle Brothers.

I had designed the scenario and the map so I could command of the guards. For 2 rounds the only guards who could activate were the ones that could see the Battle Brothers. The rest - hiding in the fog of war - could not be activated. That all changed in round 3 when a prearranged alarm went off. Now the entire prison could mobilise and reinforcements (rolled on a D4) would arrive at certain points on the map.

So the Battle brothers had to be quick. They had to make as much progress before the prison came to understand what was going on.

Rounds 1 and 2 proceeded well. The Battle Brothers brushed aside all of the puny humans. But they weren’t quick enough. They managed to rescue their comrade right before the alarm went off. They chose an exit which was protected by ogres, although they didn’t know that at the time.

The rest of the rounds were a slow trudge towards a kind-of stalemate. Two problems arose for the Battle Brothers’ rescue plans: (1) They’d brought the wrong weapons. Too many long-range rifles, not enough close-in flamers and the like. (2) That in the tight confines of the map, corridors and doorways were easily blocked by stunned models or ogres.

We’d also agreed that none of our units would run since this could’ve brought the game to a very swift end. With hindsight I think this was the wrong thing to do. A bit of pace would’ve been welcome. Also, the prison had a resident scientist-come-psychic who seemed over powerful.

Nonetheless, it was an enjoyable experiment into a non-typical battle. If I’d to do it all again I’d need to rebalance the forces and look at the number of guards that were available. My friend - the Battle Brother commander - would probably choose his models with a bit more focus on devastating close-in weapons.

Here are some pictures of the battle in progress. The map gets slowly revealed as units move about. The final image is a reveal of the full map at the end of the match.