First 1/72 (20mm) skirmish game: goblins vs dwarves

hey there! managed to play my first game aof:s with my 1/72 fantasy minis.

250pts and 1 objective. the game was played in cm so we just took the inches times two for cm wich worked perfectly.

shaman w/ wolf and wizard 2
3 nasty assassins
wolf rider w/ shortbow
wolf rider w/ lance
goblin archers
cave goblins
cave goblins w/ spears

dwarf lord w/ halbert
iron worrior w/ bombs
iron worrior w/ bombs and harpoon
iron worrior w/ bombs and spear
drake marksman w/ bombs

the objective was placed in the middle of a town to force fights and it was a blast to play. the assassins were fun to play. the first deployed assassin killed the ranger (yeah killed… 1 to block and 6!!! to see if he is knocked out) but the other two got blocked. all in all the goblins were fast but were not able to kill much of the dwarven force. dwarves were freaking tanks! the bombes helped to negate the small legs.
in the end the best armor took the game and the dwarves won. very fun to play and i look forward to get more games going.

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which models did you use? I’m still looking for cheap(er) options. Also I like the smaller scale…

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i was using minis from alliance (the dwarves) and caesar miniatures (goblins). the wolfs are from wizkids except for the wolf of the shaman, thats an alliance warg. in 1/72 you have to like converting and building.


Oh they look awesome!