First Firefight game in Roll20

Hi, my friend and I just played Firefight using Roll20. We only stay a few streets apart but pandemic lockdown forced us online. I can only say that the experience was great. We were able to simulate all of the necessary real-world actions within Roll20, even down to using their sticker system to label miniatures that had been activated or stunned. The voice communication worked brilliantly too.

Compared to real-word games using miniatures and model scenery, the Roll20 game allowed us to use any army and any setting. The only limitation was what I could create in Photoshop.

There were some problems: different levels and heights were difficult to implement; we couldn’t create any overhangs; and line-of-sight problems were common which, in the real world, you’d have been able to solve by crouching and squinting at models.

On balance, though, a success.

On the screenshot the red “X” meant “dead”. The green dot meant “activated” and the red dot meant “stunned”. You can also see health bars too. It was Ultrabrothers versus Orks. Orks won.


Oh that looks like an awesome map! Did you do it in the OPR game room?
Need to try it as well some day :slight_smile:

Thanks, no I made it myself. The textures are from, the miniature portraits are GW promo shots mostly. Everything else is bespoke.

Ah okay, in the “official” gaming room, there are already a bunch of premade tokens, markers etc and also some maps. But this one looks stunning :slight_smile: The link you postet somehow leads to the apple home page…

Link fixed. Thanks for pointing that out