Forum Questions

Is there a way to mark a category as read? I’d like to know when something is new, but sometimes I don’t want to visit all the threads already there.

Edit: I just found Dismiss New. Not sure if in each category, but I saw it when I hit New Topics.


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Not a question, but I find myself coming to the forum far less frequently. I admit I’m distracted, between the Quar kickstarter and looking for mech miniatures. But I wonder whether the appearance of this forum has anything to do with it.

I do need to port over any of my old posts I’d like to keep before the 30th.


I visit the forum every day and have to admit that it has some pro’s and con’s, and the way it looks is definitely in the latter category. Not really sure what it is about it, but even though essentially the information is the same, just the way it’s laid out gives a very different feel…

I’ve been looking into discourse themes but haven’t found anything that feels quite right yet, once I do however I’ll be sure to make whatever changes are necessary to make it look better. :slight_smile: