Free battlemap

Hello, I’ve been experimenting with painted battlemaps for Roll20 and TTS. Normally my style is more realistic. Here’s an early ‘painted’ style instead. Grab it and use it if you want.


Looks awesome! This is something I’m trying to learn right now. :slight_smile: slowly but surely making some progress but it’s still hard…

Well, I’ve been a Photoshop user for 25 years but recently the program has been getting slower and slower on my PC. Things got so bad that I eventually downloaded (the now free) Sketchbook from Autodesk. What a delight that app is to use. That image is about 5000pixels wide. In Photoshop it was slow and laggy but smooth and responsive in Sketchbook. So, basically, I think I’m now favouring sketchbook for digital painting now. I hope to do more of these.

What size is this map supposed to be?

Size? If you use Roll20’s 70px = 1 inch then it’s a colossally disproportionate 7.5 x 5 feet. I’d intended it as a skirmish map so if you choose to download it then you’ll need to resize it. I figured that I’d just upload the full res version and let other people scale as appropriate.


Maybe it could work well as 36x24 map…