GF or GFF for Dune setting

Hello everyone! I’m thinking about using GF and GFF to recreate some armies and battles from Dune book.
Has anyone some suggestions about which existing army lists are better suited to represent or proxy the Dune universe?
Are there any miniature makers who sell models inspired to this setting?
Thank you everyone!


Hi Azrael :slight_smile: I only read the first book, so my suggestions are limited to it. When I was reading it, I was like “wait, this is like GF :joy:”. Also, Star Wars and other universes seems to be clearly inspired in Dune.

Regarding the army lists:

  • The Sardaukar could be easily the Battle Brothers or Prime Brothers. Their army book states “Battle Brothers are the most elite and feared fighting force in the galaxy […] ready to take on even the most dangerous missions in the name of their immortal god-king.” If you want to give them a more elite aspect, you could use the army book of Battle Brothers Detachment and its Custodian Brothers

  • The Fremen are more complicated to represent. They are human-like, but they compare (or lead) the Sardaukar in melee, and use cunning strategies. I think the easiest option is using the Elven Jesters, though their background doesn’t fit. Other options are the High Elf Fleets, Dark Elf Raiders or Human Defense Force, selecting melee units with at least Qua 4+, and some units with special rules like Ambush, Scout, Strider, Stealth… but their background fails too. If you’re using GFF, the Gangs of Hive City could match too

  • The Bene Gesserit are very well suited to the Battle Sisters

For the miniatures:

  • Sardaukar: OPR has some 3D prints for them; the Space Marines (and their chapters) from Games Workshop or the Enforcers from Mantic Games. Some of the miniatures of Mantic Games have less quality, but I think that some of the enforcers are OK.

  • Fremen: I would say the Harlequins, Kroots, Escher Gang and Orlock Gang from Games Workshop

  • Bene Gesserit: again, OPR’s 3D prints or Adepta Sororitas and Sisters of Silence of Games Workshop

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Thanks felixtale! These are great ideas! :wink:
Maybe also Feudal Guard army list and models can be suited for the armed wing of various noble houses.
I see the political and social environment of Dune very similar to feudal Europe.

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