Give Double Tap a try (here's how)

Hi all,
I had my first real double tap game and encourage you to give it a shot because:

  • It plays very differently than any other OPR game
  • It’s quick
  • It’s nerve-wracking fun!

The main two things making it so different are:

  • You have a number of activation points that you spend in one go
  • You can react if your enemy activates within LOS

The combination of these two elements gives it a lot of tactical depth.
I was quite overwhelmed with the creation of my force. Thankfully @onepageanon came to help and recommended using only guns/ccws for the first game(s) instead of going all out with special rules.
Also, use a map with plenty of LOS blocking terrain. On Roll20 there’s a Necromunda style Map that you can use. Also since orientation is critical use tokens that are not symmetrical. I.e. you can build them here

Here’s a screenshot of the game: