Havoc Bros and Alien Hives... best units? favorites builds?

I’m slowly creating Legendary Heroes of the Sirius Sector as a house-rules/for my club project. But I don’t have a ton of reps with Havoc Bros and Alien Hives (some, but not enough to start making custom units)… thinking I’ll get some games with them this week. Any recommendations, favorite units, best builds for either of these factions? I’ve got just about all models for either (Havocs more so than Alien Hives) so what’s a good game gonna need?

Really strong in War and Change Disciples, weak in Plague, none in Lust… pretty even spread without tons of anything, but pretty diverse selection in Hives

Of the all the factions I’ve deep-dived into, they both look like they accommodate all the big builds and so many of the lore characters, it doesn’t feel like (atm) there’s much need for Heroes for them (though I have at least one for each in mind already).

yes, I know, not Havocs, but I can’t find a good Havoc v Hives pic atm