Havoc brothers disciples army list inconsistencies

While building an army i kept to the basic havoc brothers list so far, to keep it simple. Latest iteration of the army, however, had a few points i was unable to allocate so i decided to look up what that disciples thing was about. What i discovered is pretty confising. To give a few examples:

  • Sorcerer of Change can’t get Psychic(3)
  • Plague Psychic can’t get any upgrades of any kind, not even a plasma pistol
  • Psychic(Sorcerer?) of Lust is not even a thing.
  • Basic Dark Psychic can get disciple’s spells and signature upgrade(stealth/regeneration/fast), but has no way to buy faction-specific gear. So how do i get me Psychic(3) on a disc?

Haven’t investigated the troops much but i bet there’s a similar story there too.

Ok so I see a few problems here:

  • Dark Psychics should not have Psychic(3), neither should the others
  • Plague Psychics are supposed to represent another model, but I see how it’s confusing
  • For Lust simply use a Dark Psychic with the Fast upgrade
  • Again, no Psychic(3) should be on a disc

To clarify, Psychic(3) is reserved for more legendary units, that’s why it will be removed.

I’ll try to fix all of this by next week’s patch. :slight_smile:

Or at least supposed to be reserved. Ok, that explains a lot. Though i would think there should be exception for Change dudes at least. They are supposed to be all about magic, innit?

The reason the ‘War’ and ‘Lust’ list are smaller and lacking in options is because Games Workshop has not given a full codex to the World Eaters and Emperor’s Children, unlike the Death Guards and Thousand Sons who are now 100% independant as an army from the classic Chaos Space Marines.


Ooh but what about Ahriman the Thousand son’s leader dude , Ive just kitbashed a old oop Ahriman model and made a Disc and mounted him on said disc, and it took me ages ( sad face ), please say It’s ok ?

That model would be a Sorcerer of Change mounted on a Disk of Change. :slight_smile: