Hobby Progress Thread

Use this thread to update everyone on your current hobby projects. If that’s model builds, terrain builds, paint jobs, conversions, etc. this is the place to show it off and talk about it!

Pictures are encouraged but not required. Come chat about what you have going on!

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Currently, I am working on assembling Mantic Games’ Forge Fathers’ Brokkrs. Unfortunately, these are some of their early sculpts and are covered in mould lines that have to be cleaned. Additionally, the plastic is really soft and cheap. I am quite glad Mantic has improved their quality and plastic choice, and this will be the last kit of this type that I buy.

Grinding my way through more chainrasps for my Nighthaunt procession, trying to clear the bench before my Patrol Angis 15mm stuff arrives so I can tackle that.

Building some paper terrain :slight_smile:


And my warfleets are coming along


And my AOF skirmish teams (at least 2 of 3) are cut out. On the one side the cave gobbos on the other side the saurians. The minis are from trash mob minis via drive through RPG.

So the whole Covid 19 situation has it’s perks. Instead of attending boring meetings in person I can call in and in the meantime cut out paper minis :grin:


@Imre, I do this too (the cutting paper minis and cleaning mold lines). It is a great use of time! Love the cartoon-but-serious look of your AoF:S minis. A few questions:

  • How about the Warfleets - where did you get those designs?
  • Are you using foam core to back the ships?
  • What kind of glue did you use to attach them?
  • With your paper terrain, those cubes look familiar - are they the IKEA-looking habitations?

I used to have the source website for those bookmarked - they make for amazing and cheap terrain. We should start a thread for free papercraft terrain resources.

Two sword and planet gangs


Hi @spencer, I believe I googled spaceship sprites to find them. I can’t find a private message here I could send you the link to my GoogleDrive folder.

Yes the ships are mounted on foam board and I used a standard glue stick. I got spray glue in the mail today and wanted to experiment with that. I haven’t played with them yet. So I don’t know how they will hold up.

I linked to the terrain in the other thread. It’s a Spanish guy http://www.toposolitario.com/workshop/index.html

Click your picture in the top right, there should be an envelope icon.

Ahhh! That’s right, toposolitario. Great site.

Spent my time home (professor/teacher) to organize, catalog, and repair (I let about a dozen players/students sign out my less precious armies). Still have Human Defense Force, a dozen vehicles (including a Thunderhawk and Warhound) and Tao to go


Building a human defence force firefight team using Anvil Industry models. (And some GW Ork bits)


Wow, what a collection! What factions do you not have? Also…important question: how do you deal with all the dust?

@Barrys, those look great. I appreciate the clean look, and the light armor + sun protection!


I’ve not used this brand in particular, but maybe once a year drop $5 and grab a can or 2 of this.

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My Havoc Warriors skirmish warband is coming together. A plague blessed band emerging from the rotten seas…

There will be some sharks (count as havoc hounds) as well… and of course a Lord of the Rotten Seas.
In the picture you can see the babarians, havoc warriors and mutated havoc warriors.

The minis are all from Trash Mob Minis :slight_smile:


Slowly making my way through the sisters of battle boxed set.


For a change I built some chibi sons of horus. Still figuring out what a good paper thickness for them is.


Those look adorabloodthirsty. What’s the scale on the models?

Eyline is @28mm :slight_smile: So perfectly fine. The base is 1"

First Chibihammer Firefight team is ready :slight_smile: I switched from the Sons of Horus to these soulless empty cerealboxes. Next up is a space wolves team to have someone to fight…