House Rules

Played my first few games of Firefight the other night (350 points of Disciples of Plague vs High Elf Fleets), thoroughly enjoyed it! It’s everything i’m looking for in a Sci Fi Skirmish game, quick, easy, thematic. And less about constantly de-buffing units (looking at you Kill Team).

We tried some house rules to mix it up, and wanted to see if anyone else had their own?
Ours were:

  • For stunned models, when activated they can still move and charge as normal, but were -1 Quality. Didn’t encounter any 6+ quality units, so not sure how this house rule would work then, perhaps they can only move? Or attacked unit gets +1 Defense (maybe a bit OP for attacked unit, and again, not sure how this would function for 2+ Defense units).

  • Stunned units also still get to save from being shot/ melee’d when stunned, but at -1 Defense. (This we have not tried yet).

  • Hero’s give an aura for re-roll 1’s of Quality tests. They’re expensive units, and we missed having a generic re-roll.

  • We also played on 2 Kill Team boards together, 44" x 30". Found the weapon range, movement, and deployment area a bit much, understandably since the game is designed to be played 4’ x 4’, which to me seems huge for an average 6-10 model game. So because of another user’s suggestion (@moldek) from the previous forum, in our next game we’re going to try a conversion chart for ranges and play on a 22" x 30" board. OP comment below:

"One way to rebalance the game to play on a smaller surface could also simply to reduce the movement distance.
For instance normal units walk 4’’ and run 8’’, slow units 3’’ and 6’’, fast units 5’’ and 10’’. These are similar values to warcry which is played on a 22x30 board.
You could also allow to move after shooting, which enables fighters to fall back while still causing damage to the enemy. Or require line of sight to charge :)"

So for weapon ranges/ auras/ psychic spells/ etc, the conversion would be:
6" - 4"
12" - 8"
18" - 12"
24" - 16"
30" - 20"
36" - 24"
42" - 28"
48" - 32"

And then movement, as they said:

Regular - 4" / 8"
Slow - 3" / 6"
Fast - 5" / 10"

Think that’s it! Love the game, just trying stuff out to make it our own a bit. Hopefully nothing that ultimately breaks the game or ruins the core mechanics.

Look forward to hearing others’ suggestions.


Will definitely try the measurement conversion! Looks good :slight_smile:
The others look like a rather drastic change in game feeling. I somehow like it that the units are rather fragile. Where in KT you often take hits after hit and nothing really happens.
Also the pressure that the stunned unit is very close to death is fun I think…

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Let us know how you find the measurement conversion ! Again, credit to previous user (@moldek) for that idea.

The other changes are pretty drastic, I agree. After a few more games we might drop them, I think for our first few matches we were just desperate to see how the units played, so didn’t want to lose them too fast. Though there was a great moment where my opponent charged a Plague Bro who was on an objective, with his Elven King, failed melee and fell backwards off of a building, failing its check for dropping. It was then promptly stomped by another Plague Bro on my activation. Lost his only Hero on a whim!

Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:

Thanks for these ideas.

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I just had a game with the unit conversion as stated above on Infinity terrain (roughly 2x3). It felt much more natural and we had a great game :slight_smile:

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That would give me something to do with all of that Infinity terrain.

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@Imre Ah awesome ! So regular movement is 4" / 8"? I thought that might be too short for a 2’ x 3’ area, cool to hear that it felt right :slight_smile: really want to play some more GFF, have not had the time recently though. Situation in UK (and the world) is a bit up in the air at the moment about getting together also. Stay safe all! Did you convert weapon ranges as well as movement?

Hi @Chugasaurus yes I used all conversions as stated above (i attached my printout for convinience)SmallArenaRules.pdf (683.3 KB)

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Hi all, speaking of house rules. There was a discussion on Discord about blind charging. It’s somewhat annoying if a fast unit charges you running across half the battlefield and around several pieces of terrain. I would suggest the following house roule:

Charging Movement

Same as move and shoot, you are allowed to move up to your normal movement (i.e. 6" for std units) and then charge another 6" if you have a line of sight to the victim and no terrain to cross.

Example: Your battle brother is behind a building, he moves 4" to get to the corner of the building then sees a filthy greenskin. He is then allowed to charge 6" to hit the greenskin in the open.

What do you think of this?


Sounds good ! So a movement would be 1/2 an action (sort of)? Like Move+Shoot = 1 action, Move+Move = 1 action, Move+Charge = 1 action. I’ve always just thought of charging as what you describe but never really minded it as it is. I’ve been toying with the idea of an overwatch like feature, but can’t seem to justify it. Anyway, like the idea !