I miss Wyloch's videos

Wyloch’s videos were great. They were compelling, well shot and explanatory. The tables and models looked fantastic too. I miss his battle report videos, and I hope he makes another one soon, once the plague is over.


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Me too, his stuff is awesome!

Last time I spoke to him he mentioned that the pandemic was delaying things, so I hope he’s going fine.

We miss you @Wyloch. :heart:

Love his stuff as well, but figured with the pandemic and all that he’s been busy and production has slowed down.

That or he made the mistake of redoing the entire Tomb of Horrors he’s done so far 'cause some inspiration struck, XD.

Man’s a treasure of the community. Hopefully everything’s well with him–I shall await his return with anticipation.

Can you please link thise videos?


But he have changed channels and I am not sure if these are all.

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Thanks, I’ll take a look :wink: