Idea for Endless Spells in AoF

I’ve come up with an idea for Manifestations in Age of Fantsy to allow people to use their models for spell effects (like Age of Sigmar endless spells, or D&D spells such as spiritual weapon, etc.).

Manifestations are magical constructs appearing on a battlefield and are represented by a model.

Manifestations may either be placed on the battlefield at the beginning of the game by agreement between the players or summoned by wizards during a game.

Manifestations can be activated like any model, but either player may choose to activate a Manifestation (though each Manifestation can be activated only once per turn).

When activated, a Manifestation may Advance (and adds +2D3" to movement) or Hold (but cannot Rush or Charge). A Manifestation may not move over another model. If a Manifestation is Wild (see below), the activating player chooses one of the dice showing the type of Manifestation and re-rolls it to determine the Manifestation’s attributes. At the end of the Manifestation’s activation, if it causes damage check to see what units are affected by this.

Manifestations do not fight in melee and cannot be affected by any attacks.

To determine what effect a Manifestation has, roll 2d6 when it is initially placed on the battlefield. Place the dice on the model’s base to show what the Manifestation’s attributes are. A unit that already has a special rule granted by a Manifestation gains no effect from the Manifestation.

2: Units within 6" gain Regeneration
3: Units within 6" can re-roll 1s rolled for Defense
4: Units within 6" can re-roll 1s rolled for attack
5: units within 6" can re-roll failed Morale tests
6: Units within 6" count as being in cover terrain
7: Wild – This Manifestation has no effect while showing a result of 7. When activate, the activating player must choose one of the dice showing for the Manifestation and re-roll it, applying the new result for the Manifestation. It continues to be wild.
8: Units within 6" with Fast (or another ability increasing their movement speed) lose that ability, otherwise the unit gains Slow.
9: All attacks against any unit within 6" has the AP of the attacks increased by 1
10: Units within 6" get -1 to Morale tests
11: Units within 6" suffer 6 hits with AP(1)
12: Units within 6" suffer 6 hits with Poison or Rending (activating player’s choice)

Summoning a Manifestation
A wizard may choose to attempt to summon a Manifestation instead of casting a spell, but it is dangerous. Summoning a Manifestation is a spell that requires a 6+ to cast. If a wizard attempts to summon a Manifestation and fails, the wizard suffers a number of hits equal to the result of the die used to try to summon the Manifestation. If successful, the wizard rolls 2d6 to determine the Manifestation’s attributes and may modify one of the dice (up or down) by the wizard’s Wizard value (maximum of 6, minimum of 1). The wizard may then place the Manifestation anywhere within 6" and then immediately activate it.

Dispelling a Manifestation
A wizard within 12" may attempt to dispel a Manifestation (removing it from play) instead of casting a spell. The wizard must roll a 6+ on D6 + the Wizard’s value.

Perpetual Manifestations
Player’s can agree that non-summoned Manifestations are perpetual. A perpetual Manifestation that is dispelled is not removed from play but instead made inactive and cannot therefore be chosen to be activated. At the end of any turn where any Manifestations are inactive, roll a D6 for each inactive Manifestation. On a 6+, the Manifestation becomes active again and can be activated as normal on the next turn.

Scenario: Manifestation Mana Fest
In this scenario, instead of placing objectives as normal, place 3 perpetual Manifestations. After placing the Manifestations, roll 6d6. Players alternate (continuing on from placing the Manifestations) assigning one die to a Manifestation until each has 2 dice. These two dice are used to determine the Manifestation’s attributes. These Manifestations follow the normal rules for objectives as well as being Manifestations.