Impact rule question

When a unit has the impact key word, do these auto hits use the units weapon’s AP? What happens then if the unit has multiple weapon attacks that give impact - deep-sea elves war eels for example.

Thanks in advance

Hi Ghalgor,
the impact hits are their own kind, so they are not tied to the AP of the weapon in general.
They are “just” automatic hits dealt when charging.
If you equip your eel riders with lances they get an additional impact hit so you deal 10 impact hits when charging. Then you still have your “normal” ccw melee attacks.

Thanks Imre. Then does the defender roll 5 normal saves with base impact, then 5 lance AP1 saves, then my normal attacks kick in or is it that the 10 impact hits are at normal save for the defender then I roll for my normal attacks?

Hi Ghalgor,
just to clarify, I think there are no AP(X) impacts, @onepageanon correct me if I’m wrong.

Whenever a model with this special rule charges it deals X automatic hits.

This is not tied to the weapon, so in your example the defender has to rule 10 impact automatic hits, and then melee is sorted out. Impact is not part of melee per se, it’s a result of a successful charge of a unit with the impact rule. And since it’s not part of melee it is also not using the melee weapon. Even if the weapon gives you an additional hit.

The confusing thing about impact is, that it can be attached to models (mounts, vehicles) as well as to weapons (lances).

I hope I could clarify this a little bit :slight_smile: