Impact weapons

Yesterday a friend was playing a unit of vampires chivalry with lances. It had Impact (1) granted for its special rule, Impact (1) for the lances, so 10 vampires charging had 20 impact hits… and after that its normal attacks with the lance (A2, AP1)… were we missing something? because it seemed too hard hitting… do the vampires get normal attacks after the impact hits? or do the miss them the turn they charge?


No that’s correct, vampire knights are one hell of a unit, but you do pay 400pts for a unit of 10 with lances, so there’s that…

I’d recommend trying to stay out of charge range, using archers and artillery against them, and generally stack up with spears and great weapons to counter them. :slight_smile:

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If it is like Grimdark Guture then the unit becomes much worse if they get charged first.

But another question. If a unit gets charged and they strike with full attacks as response. Can they later charge and with the impact hits hitting as normal and then the normal attacks on 6s only? Or are the impact hits also only hiting on 6s?

I understand that Impact hits are automatic and yiur normal attacks only get hits on 6s

That’s right, the impact hits are unaffected by the 6+ to hit rule.

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