Legendary Heroes of the Sirius Sector v0.2: Battle Bro Masters

Here is the Battle Brothers first draft of my Legendary Heroes. I will say, I personally really like the more subtle presence heroes have on the GDF battlefield, but my players enjoy the big dogs, and I don’t mind slaying them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Please do give feedback/suggestions, and if there’s any requests, those are great too… again, pardon the formatting (and I just saw a typo in the Hunter special rule… nuts). Speaking of the Hunter special rule, this wasn’t a flippant thing. I really spent some time thinking this through, picking the key words, and while I’m not set on it exactly as is, I like it… quite a bit. It very lightly punishes the predictable mono builds and rewards diversity and knowing your opponents lists on both sides… or allows for some fun thematic choices (“psychic”, for example, is rarely better than “hero”, but running some Psychic Hunters just sounds fun to me… so there’s a few less optimal choices in there too, intentionally).

GF Legends.pdf (147.5 KB)


While I also appreciate the subtle presence, I cannot wait to try these out in some of the Battle Brothers versus Battle Brothers matches just for a bit of change and flavor. Thanks for this, @Lobokai

@IronMike check this out, since we were talking about the Horus Heresy and related battles.

If you givenm a go, let me know how they work. We’re testing Orc and TAO rules atm in my house.

The attacks are high in number, but as the source material has rerolls, I mathed it out to the equivalent (even minus a strength/toughness paradigm) on a couple key heroes and then kept relative damage with the others.

That makes sense. Might need to actually finish the assembly of my friend’s TAO force, so he can run a Captain with Command Suit. A Suit Shield plus Cold Stream Thrusters looks like no joke.

Do you have a recommendation for a Dark Master? Is that something on which you are working, or would it be built from other pieces?

Looking forward to the Havoc Grand Lords!

My daughter just built a Command Suit, Cold Stream, +Shield model the other day, so yeah, my household agrees…

As far as the Drake Master, there’s an older model called He’Stan in the Citadel line that is that.

pic is a modified version/kitbash

He’Stan lives! stomp stomp love the kit bash