OPR Unit Cards to test

I like to have units on cards in either a phone or on sheets of paper, or in fancy cardstock cut pieces that I can hold and flip through. To that end, I’ve made a fillable PDF of unit cards.

If you could, please download the PDF, try it out, and give some feedback. I have some edits I know I want to do, but I’d like to get feedback before I dig too deep into it.

Thank you for any and all comments/help.

LINK: OPR-Jumbocard-fillable.pdf (480.1 KB)

-Aaron from AnSR Games


Overall Unit card good, but how about “attachment” cards… like for the leader/special units in a unit. This would allow you to less “weapon” boxes on each “unit” allowing for more room for info. And keep them separate. I see it as having 1 unit card, with 1-2 “attachment” cards. If that makes sense.

Good idea. Candidly, the only reason I have so many spaces for weapons is because of the Titan Lords I have in my army. Those things have 5 weapons when maxed out (and when you’re spending 1100 points, you might as well spend more to get the missiles)

Maybe “unit” is not the right term? Maybe an “Attached to” field instead of “army” field would be better? Hmmm… thinking.

Thanks for the help and feedback!

Ya an “Unit Number” field to organize related cards might make more sense.

Overall I think these look great, just some minor feedback:

  1. The shapes for the Quality and Defense areas aren’t doing it for me. I’d recommend either trying to figure out shapes that kind of match what they are for (Defense as a shield, or whatever) or just make them beveled boxes like the others.
  2. Although things like movement and hitpoints are controlled by special rules (Slow, Fast, Very Fast, Immobile, Tough) etc. for a quick reference for a unit card like this, I’d prefer to have them in separate stat boxes. Maybe like the Q and D ratings (similar to how I think Wylock lays them out). Related to point #1, maybe some kind of 4-box grid with tiny icons representing their meaning in the corner or something.
  3. Nitpick but the Weapons area you have it listed as Special Abilities, when it probably should be Special Rules for consistency with the game terms.

Great feedback. How’s this version work for you?

  • Added Unit ID to help with attachments (name both the same Unit ID)
  • Used terms consistent with Full Rules (Tough, Equipment, Special Rules, etc.)
  • Added “stat block” for Move, Quality, Defense, and Tough.
  • Fixed tab order so you can just type and tab or touch Next in touch-keyboards.

Let me know if this version works better.

OPR-Jumbocard-fillable.pdf (379.2 KB)

What size are these supposed to be printed as? Full A4? Two pages as A5? Four as A6?

Each page is 3.75" x 5.75". If you print 4 to a page Letter or A4 and mark Fit to Page, they turn out rather decent.

I have been using them on Letter sized paper.

I have a copy of the PDF on my phone and that seems to work really well too.

Hope that helps.

Why not just format them as 4 cards on 1 page then? That would make it easier for people to print the right size, and they could still landscape it to A5 prints for smaller cards.

I will make an A4 version like that and try it. Sounds reasonable.

Original reasons for current size:

  • Filling out a card on a tablet or PC is much easier that zooming around a page going from one quadrant to another I have found.
  • The card format looks really good on a phone when you use it in battle, which let’s people choose how they want to refer to their units (physical or electronic).
  • I figured I already have to print the rules Fit to Page to get A4 on letter-sized paper here in the US, others might be used to it too, so there is hopefully not a huge barrier of use with that.

Thanks again for the ideas and help. I will make an A4 version. You can try both out and lemme know what you think.

Hmmm… the point you make about using it on a mobile phone is very good, maybe you could just have both formats (printing + mobile)?

Updated OPR unit cards here. Now in 2 formats: printable A4 and phone-friendly. Each one includes 23 different stat blocks and both are in fillable PDFs so you can print-and-write or type-and-print/view, your choice.

Let me know thoughts and feedback!

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That’s a much better layout. Does a weapon’s Armour Piercing stat go in the special rules box?


I see that you’ve taken the page borders from the Game Jam, which I don’t think is the best way to go in terms of design standards, and it might even confuse people.

If you ping me on discord I can send you the page borders for GF and AoF, then you can use those to create different versions? I could also send you the fonts that we use to maintain the design standards. :slight_smile:

Very nice cards! I will try them and a tipp in advance for everyone: use one card for merged units but remember the upgrades that effect all models in the unit are x2 if you merge them.

Thank you for your work dude :slight_smile:

Barrys: Yes. For example, here is my son’s Wolf Brothers army in the card format (filled in using the PDF form fields in the phone-friendly version). Check out how we handled some of the more common things.

OPR-Henry-GF-WolfBrothers.pdf (744.3 KB)

vijudiju: Thank you very much. good tip.

OnePageAnon: It was good talking to you in Discord. More to come per our conversation.

These are fanastic, thank you for making these! Super helpful to have my GFF characters on reference cards rather than random excel sheets or army lists!

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Thanks with the help of OnePageAnon and all your really helpful comments about these, here are the latest versions of the unit cards and unit sheets for all the Grimdark Future games and the Age of Fantasy games… I think.

Each one is a PDF with fill-able form fields so you can type up your armies before printing them out or saving them to your phone… your choice.

Thank you all for the help in this little side project. Keep comments coming as you use them to wage wars at home.


We recently wrote out my Titan Lord and Machine Cults army. We basically put stats for everything I have in the house and now can make an army on the fly. Especially when we print the full sheet on cardstock and cut them out.

OPR-Aaron-GF-MachineCults.pdf (512.0 KB) For your enjoyment… and as an example, I have attached them.


If you continue to refine these, might be worthwhile to edit the top post in the thread to have the latest links/content. Thanks for these, they are great!

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Good idea. I had not thought of editing the top post. I will do that. I am good o them until I hear more feedback. They have been working really well for our personal games and armies.

Then again… maybe I can ad campaign info I. them. Dang it!