Orion - no way to make him?

Was looking at the Wood Elf army list and can’t see a way to make a convincing version of Orion from Warhammer (unless I’m missing something). Any suggestions?

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I’m not overly familiar with Warhammer’s characters or Age of Fantasy really, but I assume if you can’t find a unit in the Wood Elf army list that works you could always use the Points Calculator from the Patreon, and there is a subforum for the Patreon/Points Calculator if you end up needing help as I’m sure someone around here can explain any confusion.

Sorry I can’t be more help, just figured I’d point out the option to make it yourself if you can’t find a good proxy unit in the army list.

Looks to me like he would be a Forest Prince with Spear and Longbow, maybe add in Stalk Master for good measure. Not too familiar with his lore either, but rules wise it should be enough?

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I guess that could work, but he’s still a bit wimpy. Maybe pretending he is on a great stag as well to gain the fear and fast rules (Orion has a 9" move in the other game).


That could work, or since you’re Patreon Tier 2 you could just use the Point Calculator to stat him up however you like. :smiley:

Already done :wink: Just thought I’d point out that (imo) he’s a bit difficult to create properly in the current list :slight_smile: