Paper Madness: Minis, Terrain & more

Hi all,
inspired by @spencer’s recommendation I want to start a place to share sources for paper wargaming stuff.

Toposolitraio does great and easy to build sci fi / industrial terrain

Tommygun OneDriveCollection Another great resource for sci fi/ grim dark terrain

The great @Vurrunna paper minis
The infamous Chibihammer 14000 mini range.
Trash Mob Minis are a great source for AOF Skirmish teams or even Armies if you’re willing to proxy
A great source especially for HDF armies

Probably every vehicle ever imagined by some Russian guy…


Thanks so much for putting this together. This is an amazing collection and some stuff I had never seen. That set of vehicles is a Poorhammer player’s dream.

For anyone new to paper modeling, I highly recommend the iKube from Toposolitario as your first build. They are incredibly easy to put together, come in a variety of designs, work well as a rectangular building for Grimdark Future and Firefight, and can store flat.

check out this forum for a bunch of free stuff as well. they do a monthly forum hoard where folks from the forums share their minis or models in a themed collection. check the download section for freebies and use the search engine to find other goodies

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I stumbled over another cool paper mini provider. At least of you’re into a more cartoonish style.
They even have a complete 15mm fantasy army range and also lots of options for 28mm heroic scale.

@Toman thanks for the link. There’s some great stuff online.

I discovered a good source for chibi minis. Built some Sons of Horus and thinking of building up a full GFF team.

Source to Patreon:


Hi all,
after my first attempts of chibi space marines I made some progress on a Change Brothers Firerfight team.

So for anybody interested in building them here are some tips:

  1. Don’t use too thick cardboard. I used 160g (in European nomenclature) and while the minis seem fragile at first, as soon as the glue is dried they’re quite robust.
  2. I used white wood glue (applied with toothpick) for joining stuff together and glue stick for laminating front and back together (i.e. for weapons, arms and stuff)
  3. A sharp scalpel knife helps a lot. Especially the backpacks and other round contours.

That’s it for now. I need to build a list around them and then finish the weapons.
Next up is a space wolfes team to fight them.