Pleas help me sort out my Sons' Berzerkers points/rules

Hi all. Having played 40k about 10 yrs ago, and stopped (‘Wolf Brothers’). Recently my 21yr old son (‘Havoc Brothers’) decided to buy some more Egyptian looking Brothers. This got me and my wife fired up to do some more modelling and painting.
Me > ‘Battle Sisters’,to fight alongside my ‘Wolf Brothers’ and a load of Scenery and Terrain pieces.
Her > more 'Lust Warriors’and a ‘Harpist’ (HQ), 'Pink Warriors and some 'Manta Daemons '.
Anyways my son also has some Chaotic Berserkers (painted red and gold who worship some sorta Blood God, if you catch my drift ; ) that he would love to use.
I am trying to find them or what would be a equivalent in the army list, insofar as rules that include their quite unique charge movement and their melee rules , as I think that the published ‘Havoc Brothers’ > ‘Assault Brothers’ stats and single rule of Fearless don’t quite fit the bill.
Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to help me/my son.
Trev Kelly

Havoc Brothers Disciples is what you are looking for. Berserkers represent Khorn Berserkers. The different disciple lists represent the four Dark Gods.

Havoc Brothers Disciples of War: World Eaters/Khorn Warbands

Havoc Brothers Disciples of Change: Thousand Sons/Sorcerer Cabals

Havoc Brothers Disciples of Plague: Death Guard/Nurgle Cults

Havoc Brothers Disciples of Lust: Emperor’s Children/Slaanesh Pleasure Cults

Hope that helps you and your family when figuring out what is what!


Thanks Mr C’ sorted and top o’ the morning to you.