Polithical structure of the Human Dominion

As im looking for a better name or the Magnificent Dictators of OPR Nova bring us a name to refer to the humans in the Sirus Sector ill call it The Domiion, Of course i Took inspiration from other Universe we all know to have a structure.


The Human Dominion of United Nations also beter known just as the Dominion is the the huge structure that keeps all of the humans that populate the Sirus Sector under the same flag and avoids any kind of of civil war or theological deviation as the other option is death, Under the moto DEUS REX SIVE MORTEM or God-King or Death the Humans had expanded its power on hundreds of sistems over the sector.

The Dominion is structurade as a complex net of Burocracy that in theory works as a perfect clockwork engine that ensures the prosperity of itself

The humans back in the past started to venerate the machines a the ideologic of perfection but that bring to a dark age of continous wars between all hearth nations, from the treanches of the battlefield the next king of humanity rose, noone remembers his name but he unified all the nations of the human homeworld and brought an age of pace and prosperity, everyone saw the new king as the reincarnation of the Machine Diety, a beacon of light in the new ages to come.

This lead to the creation of the Force Reactors and posibility to travel out of space, the humans yet have arived to some of the planets of their sistem but this made posible to travel to other sistems and explore the vast space.

All of records from this era are lost in time and structure the bases for the human religion.

Despite being a monotheist organization the Dominion is far from being a single nation, under the flag of the God-King the humans are divided into five kingdoms that are splited all over the solar sistems ( this idea has to be work in depth but could open the debate for some internal conflics and such), the highest rulers from al the five kingdoms form the High Council wich discuss all the decisions that are executed thru the Sector.

Under this Council two organizations split their funtions , the Ordo Militarum is the one that takes response for the military duties as Training and comanding the HDF, making aliances with the Titan lords and if needed emploting the Faudal guard.

On the other side as totally oposite to the marcial and uncorruptible hand of the Ordo Militarum, The Dictator Corpus consist in a Polithical Caste that in the name of the Dominion rule over the Sector, sometimes the High coulcil just acts as pupets for the Dictators.

The Dictators had taken over over the centuries of Inquisition, a executioner force that was at first a wing of the Machine Cult Church. Also they started the Battle Project an iniciative to create super soldiers to stread peace and tons of lead to the planets where the HDF isnt enough.

Under the righteous face of the Dictators and its Battle Brothers, they want to take all the power under they arms.

The Machine Cult stays as the place for the socalled true believers, they control all the main production means and also configurate all the church structure.


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