Posible map of the Sector

In my never ending obbsesion for creating lore and maps for any wargame or rpg campaing ive designed a very simple star map of the Sirus Sector adding on it the diferent planets and subsectors created by the comunity, im so open to add more and change all the thins since i’d like to create a full map of the sector where we all can set our games.

Terran Sub-Sector
The terran Su-Sector of Sirus is the bigest one of the Human Dominion, almost all the worllds in it are either are controlled by the humans or belong to xenos that have some kind of pacts with them, (INTRODUCE NAME HERE) structurates as the new homeland for the humans and its goverment center.

Also this sub-sector is one of the most peacefull ones… as pacefull it can be in a non stoping war sector

(INTRODUCE NAME HERE): the center of all the human Dominion, al full urbaniced world where all lives are part of the Huge engine that the Dominion has became.

Ferrus: Due to the richness of iron in its sourface Ferrus became a factory world only to explode its resources for creating all the human needs, as much more planets under the Human Flag.

Paradise: is one of the most dangerous planets in the sub sector, its dense atmosphere makes almost imposible to cross it with any ship, and the oxigen in the atmosphere its so pure that burs any organism and corrodes any kind of metal, otherwise the fauna and flora of venus are gigantic, a selvatic planet where every creature is disigned to sourvive and for that reason can be the deathliest in the Solar sistem, This is the place where The Dominion bring the most of its prisioners to die, working in the gas extracting mines.

OPR (Oupiar) Nova: Home of Knowlege, The rule forge, the fulcrum … and more names are used to describe this word that started as the biggest library in the galaxy , Now a days OPR Nova is the home world of the Dictator Corpus, the organization of the Human Dominion that dictates the law and orthers the Battle Inquisition execute its commands.

Krogan: Krogan its a Green World, Green worlds are the way the humans Call to the worlds infested by the Orks, This worlds ten to be at it’s start as selvatic planets with lots of resources that the Orks tend to explode untill just became wasted badlands to be used as racing traks fot their deathly speed races.

Boralis Prime: Its a Frozen World where nothing grows, a world where noone wants to conquer, the perfect place for the humans to build their most destructive engines of war. PRotected by the Feudal Guard of Leonis no other races know the secret pourposeses of this planet.

Talus: Talus its Well renown for the tragedi that ocured in this world, In the first centuries of human exploration of the cosmos the Humans arived at Talus, it was a paradise, a planet that seemed perfect to become a new hearth, after generations of prosperity sudently ther reports sended from the planet to the Dictator Corpus Stoped. They sended one of their Battle companies of Prime Brothers, the firts and only contact between the company and the Corpus was lost descrived that the planet war totaly terraformed by some kind of organic plage of Alien Hive.

This planet sat the first contact between the Dominion and the Alien Hives


I like where you head is at

I like this idea. Very eagerly watching this space about our space

Of course Primes should get the most space :wink:


Great job, this looks really cool, but there is one flaw. :slight_smile:

The Sirius sector is extremely far from our solar system, and actually humans have lost the knowledge of where Earth is or how to get back, so your map is wrong (by GF lore).

Now I understand if you want to make up your own lore, and it’s totally fine, but it might still be good for you to avoid having it take place in our solar system, because the whole “Earth as the god-kings planet”, “Mars as a factory planet”, etc. is very reminiscent of 40k lore and not very original.

Thanks for the aclaration, im allways open to make changes, i just like to have fun with this stuf as i lake to write a narrative for the games i love

Updated, The Map will be changed later when i have a chance

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