Q: Units rules when joined by a Hero and other

Tomorrow we are doing a 4000pts battle with this amazing game. We are experienced player and I know that rules will come to debates as it did before ^^

my first question is if a Hero joinsa unit with special rules, does those rules applied to him?
e.g: An avatar of flams joins a scorpions squad, can he deploy with them with the Scout rule? as well if during the game they are targeted by a shooting attack, will Stealth apply?

Spell: Hide, says the unit will be benefit from the rule Stealth next time it shoot at. It’s only for 1 time or last until next round?

Deamon split rule: we had a situation where there was a squad containing 1 blue deamon and 8 yellow deamons. We did 12 hits on it, our opponent was saying that all 12 hit would go only to the blue because it couldn’t go to the yellow one as the rules says that all blues need to die before allocating hits to yellow? Do we throw one dice at a time or the blue takes all 12 hits?

I’m pretty sure I’ll have more questions tomorrow but many thanks for this wonderful game, me and my friends we only play this game now ^^


Heroes - No, the unit doesn’t get the heroe’s special rules until specifically stated.

Spells - They last as until the trigger happens, regardless of how many rounds passed.

Split - You keep assigning wounds, so you assign as many wounds as necessary to kill all the blues, and the rest goes onto the yellows.

Hope this helps! :blush:

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Thanks for the answers it helped a lot. I actually got some more if I can ask??? ^^

Heroes : I was actually asking for the contrary. Does the Unit gives their special rule to the hero? eg: A unit that has scout and stealth, will those rules will apply to the heroes that join it.

Tao spotting laser: A unit of 4 normal shooter and one with Spotting laser shoo an enemy unit. Can the spotting laser shoot first and the pulse guns after, so they can benefit immediately of the +1 to shoot? Or it will benefit in the next shooting order?

Transport: When a unit charges 6" from a transport, destroy the enemy unit and consolidate 3" to make contact (with some of the unit model) with the transport and embark in it. Is that permitted? or all model have to be able to touch the transport to get in it? Because it’s quite powerfull if possible with some minature

Scout: rules are not written the same way on the core rules and Full Rulebook, which one is the correct one?
As well how Scout deployment rules apply when we play with alternative deployment zone? is it the Table edge or the new deployment zone?
Because it changes a lot the way to play Scouts depending of the deployment rules and we where kinda blocked when we played the spearhead deployment.

Sorry about all the questions, we play a lot now on TTS since everyone is on lockdown ^^. so If you need beta testing from, we would be more than happy to help, we love this game.

Thanks a million for the help and stay safe

Heroes - No, neither unit gives the rules to the other, but they still retain their own rules. So for example if the units has flying and the hero doesn’t, then when moving through dangerous terrain he still needs to take the test, whilst the unit doesn’t.

Spotting Laser - Can be used as part of the same shooting.

Transport - I would say no, you can’t embark with the 3" move again, but must use another action. The 3" move is there so allow people to move the models back into coherency.

Scout - Just noticed it too, it’s the 12" move that’s correct, will fix it ASAP.

Don’t worry about it, ask as many questions as you want! :smiley:


Super many thanks that help us a lot

Another question for you:

Spell:Some spells says the rule “target 2 enemy units within 6”, do you absolutely need 2 units to activate or UP to 2 units? because we had a situation were we did Havoc Roar, and only one unit was in range, so we didn’t apply the spell.

Maybe it would be usefull to change the wording on the next update for “target up to 2 enemy units within 6”

Thanks in advance

It’s ok if you target less than 2 enemy units. :slight_smile:

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Very much a house rule… but we’ve found it useful to have disembarking happen on transports’ activation and embarking on the units’. We then let that unit take any action at -6” movement on its activation. It’s stopped some abuses and we think of it as it’s part of the transports turn for it to drop a unit off.

No ones gone all out drop pod assault yet, or something similar, but I think it’d still be fine