Questions from a recent game

Elsewhere I’ve posted a battle report about an orcs v humans game. Some questions/clarifications came up during the course of the game. Can anyone help please?

  1. Orc Helicopter
    The orc helicopter has no “aircraft” or “flying” special rules. Typo perhaps?

  2. Pinned units and objectives
    The rules state that a pinned unit cannot seize an objective. But consider this situation: In round 1 a unit seizes an objective. In round 2 the unit becomes pinned but no one comes to contest the objective. I presume that the objective is still claimed by the pinned unit’s side?

  3. Cumulative pinning
    Consider this situation: In round 1 a unit is pinned due to morale failure after shooting. In round 2 the first enemy to activate attacks the unit again and forces another morale test which the unit fails. Is the unit still able to spend round 2 removing its pinned state, and therefore re-enter the battle in round 3?



Orc Helicopter - In our games the orc helicopter acts more as a low-flying hovercraft than a vehicle capable of full flight.

Objectives - Once the objective has been captured at the end of round 1 it’s irrelevant if the unit is still there or is pinned, as the objective will only change state again if an enemy gets near it.

Pinning - The pinned status doesn’t accumulate, so whilst a unit is pinned it doesn’t matter how many more times it becomes pinned again.

Hope you liked the game, keep the questions coming if you have any doubts! :slight_smile:

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Thank you. I continue to love the game…:grin:

@IronMike, I know you had the same question about the helicopter. Time to remove the rotor blades from yours and add some hover jets.